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Vancouver PNE-Playland 2012

It’s that time of the year again!

PNE is open from August 18 – September 03, 2012 from 11 am to midnight!


Gate pass
Regular : $20
Senior citizen : $8
*Children under 13 FREE!

Ride pass
Regular (over 48″ tall): $42.75
Regular (under 48″ tall): $29.75

for more pricing info check out The Fair at the PNE


The Pacific National Exhibition is a non profit organization which hosts an annual 17-day summer fair, seasonal amusement park, and arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It usually begins in mid-to-late August, and ends in early September, usually Labour Day.

With hundreds of performances and exhibits, more than 50 thrilling rides & attractions and all that food, we dare you not to have fun at the Fair at the PNE! Make sure to check out the diverse Summer Night Concerts, and new daily program the WestJet Family Fun Series, brand new live guest participation show Family Feud and interactive Star Trek exhibit, then of course the legendary Superdogs and the night time finale, Pop City!

Exhibits & Attractions at the fair:

*PNE Prize Home Lottery
*Safeway Farm Country
* BRAND NEW Star Trek: The Exhibition!
*Canfor’s Play house Challenge – NEW!
*8th Annual Sand Sculpture Competition
*2nd Annual Rib Festival Competition
*Container Art
*Art In The Park
*Eco-Sculture Displays
*The PNE Green Scene

For more details check The Fair at the PNE


Atmosfear has been every exciting with the launch of the last years extreme swing ride ATMOSFEAR! Imaging being 200ft in the air, swinging 360°at 70km/hr while in the pitch black fall sky!

 Breakdance cars spin around one large rotating disk, with its insane lateral forces and multi-directional variable speed

Crazy Beach party The thrilling action of the Crazy Beach Party will send riders spinning rapidly on a huge disc while swinging back and forth like a pendulum to a height of 90 degrees!

Drop Zone Riders wear specially designed flight suits that connect to cables suspended from two steel archway towers

Hellevator The hair-raising ride of the Hellevator is a must for thrill seekers looking to experience 4.5 G’s of total fun! Riders are secured in seats, surrounding a 202-foot vertical tower, where the seat cart shoots upward at 75 kph and then free falls back towards the ground, providing an added free-falling force of negative 1 G on the way down

More rides info check The Fair at the PNE

*Hell’s Gate
*Music Express
*Wave Swinger
*Westcoast Wheel
*Wooden Roller Coaster

The PNE has played an important role in the history of Vancouver. From its beginnings as a showcase for the region’s agriculture and economy, it has grown immensely. This growth has resulted in many questions about the fair’s future at Hastings Park. Beginning in 1997, the city has restored a large portion of the park. Many old fair buildings have been demolished and replaced by a more natural character. Although land was purchased in Surrey that was to become the fair’s new home, the PNE has since transferred ownership from the province to the city of Vancouver and will remain at Hastings Park. The PNE is a registered charity.

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